Societatea civila profesionala Iordache & Asociatii este reprezentata de o echipa de avocati dedicati care nu sunt doar niste teoreticieni si practicieni ai dreptului. Suntem o echipa care gaseste solutii practice pentru nevoile Clientilor nostri la cele mai inalte standarde. Competenta echipei cumuleaza Cunostintele, Abilitatile si Atitudinea necesare pentru a fi alaturi de Clientii nostri pe drumul lor catre succes.

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We are a team of sharp, open-minded, enthusiastic professionals, as different as we are alike. Some of us are passionate about their involvement in the business projects of the companies they advise, others like to plead complex criminal cases, others have specialised in dispute resolution between companies or between companies and authorities. Still, we are all driven by the strong personal bond developed with our clients. That is because we were brought together by common values and a common professional philosophy.

We aproach each project with responsibility. We like to understand your situation and all the implications of your decisions, personal or professional. We are interested in understanding your business, the particularities of your industry, to grasp the problems you are facing, the risks involved and only then indentify the solutions.

Your ideas innovate and transform the world around us. We are passionate about helping you turn them into reality, by finding solutions rather than focus on what is not possible. You may be surprised to see that we are as passionate as you are about your business and that we will present you a legal and business  perspective that will develop your project and even change it, if you want.

We are authentic, we don’t want to hide behind legal theories or “lawyer language”. On the contrary, our goal is to simplify a complex situation, by means of a skilled reasoning, not losing sight of what is important. This way, we can better identify and weigh different possibilities, in order to find the best outcome.

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