Being a lawyer means having the curiosity and the possibility to understand how the world we live in works, the mechanisms that set in motion the economic and social life, the relationships between people. The lawyer, based on his knowledge and skills, supports the Client, so that together they overcome the challenges that constantly arise.

Our Clients are part of our organization and we are part of their organization. Our shared value is much greater than the sum of our individual values, this is the basis on which we grow and succeed together.


Eugen Iordache


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We approach every project with responsibility.
We like to understand your situation and all the implications of your decisions, personal or professional.

About us

We are a team of sharp, open-minded, enthusiastic professionals, as different as we are alike. Some of us are passionate about their involvement in the business projects of the companies they advise, others like to plead complex criminal cases, others have specialised in dispute resolution between companies or between companies and authorities. Still, we are all driven by the strong personal bond developed with our clients. That is because we were brought together by common values and a common professional philosophy.

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    We are interested in understanding your business, the particularities of your industry, to grasp the problems you are facing,
    the risks involved and only then indentify the solutions.

    Eugen Iordache - Partner

    His experience ranges from corporate to criminal law, providing legal counseling and representation ...
    (+ 4) 0742 311 499

    Roxana Cazacu - Partner

    Roxana specializes in commercial litigation and arbitration, with a strong background ...
    (+4) 0744 603 939

    Radu Cîrlan - Attorney at Law

    Radu is our criminal law specialist, with over 15 years of experience. He is the person we can ...
    (+4) 0747 119 911