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In an extremely delicate field in which medical technology continues to advance at an accelerated rate, and discoveries from recent years have paved the way for new medical advances, such as the artificial pancreas for diabetics or a 3D microchip that can identify cancer markers from a single drop of blood, it is obvious that the need to evaluate the activity of a professional and to support the victim of a medical error, abuse or failure to fulfill an obligation within the medical field has emerged.

Thus, given that medicine (general and dental) and pharmacology are constantly changing fields, and the solutions offered by physicians do not represent guarantees for solving any medical problems, such court cases are more widespread than ever.

For these reasons, we can offer our support to both the doctors who have been wrongfully sued, as well as to the patients who have been wronged in the medical or medical-pharmaceutical act, through legal counseling in obtaining damages for non-pecuniary and pecuniary loss.

Our lawyers will provide legal assistance and representation in front of the investigating and prosecuting authorities (police, prosecutors) and in front of civil courts.

In all areas of liberal malpractice, be it medical, legal or other, we also provide mediation and negotiation activities that always lead to the best solutions for all parties.