Societatea civila profesionala Iordache & Asociatii este reprezentata de o echipa de avocati dedicati care nu sunt doar niste teoreticieni si practicieni ai dreptului. Suntem o echipa care gaseste solutii practice pentru nevoile Clientilor nostri la cele mai inalte standarde. Competenta echipei cumuleaza Cunostintele, Abilitatile si Atitudinea necesare pentru a fi alaturi de Clientii nostri pe drumul lor catre succes.

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Criminal Law

The basis of our activity is economic criminality and criminal business law, tackling crimes such as tax evasion and money laundering, economic fraud, cybercrimes, e-commerce offenses and intellectual property offenses.

Corruption offences are linked to Economic crime, and, in most cases, derive from it. We have successfully represented clients who occupied key positions in the state and who were accused of bribery/, trafficking /buying influence or abuse of office.

In an era marked by unpredictable legislative changes in the criminal and fiscal field, adjustments that may create risky situations for our clients, our department emphasizes on the prevention of criminal charges by offering specific legal advice to commercial entities in the areas of activity that may present a medium or high level of criminal risk.

In order for our lawyers to succeed in the actions taken, the Criminal Law Department has concluded strategic collaborations with experts in the economic-financial, fiscal and psychological fields specialized in detecting simulated behavior and conducting specialized assessments.